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Keeping Your Bicycle Safe on the Road: A Monimoto Evaluation

Keeping your bike safe when riding is the first concern, regardless of whether you’re going for a weekend trip or a global tour. In my case, I always look for safe overnight parking; if not, I use a cable lock to secure the bike and cover it. But this may not be sufficient to stop a determined thief, which is why I now keep a Monimoto tracker on the bike. It won’t stop my motorbike from being taken, but in the worst case scenario, it will assist me in finding it.

Tracking GPS in Real Time

Motorcycle tracking gadgets abound, but what makes Monimoto so great is its small size, ability to blend in with your bike’s fairings or frame, and self-contained battery. This implies that you won’t need to connect the tracking device to your bike’s battery, and that the tracker will continue to function and transmit its GPS position even if the thieves manage to disconnect the electrics.

Monimoto’s workflow is also exquisitely straightforward. To ensure smooth operation, just download the Monimoto app, couple it with the keyfob, and conceal the tracking device someplace on your motorbike.

Safeguarding Your Motorcycle While Traveling: Monimoto Overview

The tracker should ideally be hidden someplace, such as under your airbox or mixed in with the frame, to ensure that it cannot be readily identified. You can conceal the tracker almost anywhere on the bike using zip ties, and because it’s tiny and black, it won’t be seen.

Monimoto monitoring and keychain

You will get an alert call on your phone as soon as your motorbike is moved, along with a real-time GPS position. In the event of a theft, you should always phone the police and make sure to indicate that you are able to offer real-time location information. This will help the police locate the bike and catch the criminals. With the Monimoto app on your phone, you can view the precise location of your bike.

After you buy the tracker, there is a $3 monthly subscription cost for the Monimoto app. The tracker has a 10- to 12-month battery life. The tracker is functional in North America, Europe, and many other regions of the world. I traveled with Monimoto to Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru, where it performed well despite the need for me to purchase local SIM cards. Now that I’m back in Europe, it still functions flawlessly with a Vodafone SIM.

Monimoto is a need to have peace of mind while leaving your bike parked for the night if you’re planning a motorcycle vacation and want to add an additional layer of protection. In the event of theft, having an active tracker boosts your chances of finding a stolen bike many times over. The setup and installation procedure is straightforward and only takes a few minutes.

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