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Crystal adores Moto

Growing up in British Columbia, Canada, Crystal had access to some of the world’s greatest wooded riding experiences, but she never gave a dirtbike a second consideration. But Crystal headed to the racecourse, dirtbike in hand. Although she had no intention of competing, she discovered that riding allowed her to disconnect from the outside world and “gave me a sense of freedom that I could never find anywhere else.” You’ll be amazed at what she can do with a motorbike if you have a chance to view her videos on Instagram @cyrstal_loves_moto. She has developed a passion for honing her riding talents. “I fought riding in the woods since day one,” she said, but she soon understood that the forest presented fresh obstacles and new abilities to develop. Eventually, bike after bike, she developed into an enthusiastic enduro rider.

Regarding community

Prior to receiving this unexpected gift, Crystal knew nothing about the motorcycling culture. Even if some of her friendships have drawn her into the dangerous woods, she has appreciated the ones she has established. She represents Klim as a brand ambassador, which has given her opportunities and development she never would have imagined. She learned that going on woodland rides with groups of people allows you to explore for hours at a time and forge enduring relationships. “On and off the bike, these like-minded riders have grown to be some of my closest friends.”

Regarding being a female

As a female rider, Crystal seizes the chance to impart her knowledge, be transparent about her actual struggles, and impact the women’s enduro sector as a whole. She does, of course, admit that being the lone female cyclist in a group of five or more males is not rare. Women have a certain aura. Unlike with males, we are able to connect to one other and discuss our difficulties. “Men approach training differently than women do. Men tell you to “just hit it,” but women are much more appreciative of your true potential. When we realize you’re not ready, we don’t press. Thus, adding a few women certainly alters the atmosphere. She also enjoys having some female company around to indulge in nail art, face masks, and high heels!

Regarding dreams

“I have a ton of dreams.” When it comes to riding, my mind never stops. 2018 racing is her primary objective. It turned out that this previous month’s event she had been wishing to enter was an endurocross competition. She was taken aback by herself, but she also had a sneak peek of what was ahead for her in the coming years. She laughs and continues, “Hell is basically how I describe it.” “In order to participate in some woods races during the 2018 season, I am really pushing myself.” This, in my opinion, will be a fantastic challenge for me and sustain my love of the game. Knowing that I have a target to meet or a new challenge accepted keeps me excessively motivated. She has a significant impact on the local riding community as well, having introduced many women to the sport of woods riding. She discovered that by imparting the fundamental knowledge to these ladies, she had improved her own riding abilities. And the payoff has been enormous.It’s amazing how quickly these ladies can become fierce enduro riders! I quickly realized how important it is for young riders to have a support network when I first joined the enduro circuit. In an effort to see more women sign up for races the next season, Crystal is returning the support she has received tenfold. “We must expand the sport.” She pushes everyone of us to reach out and provide a hand when we can.


Cystal has established a regimen that works for her, and she has greater riding objectives than most individuals I know. She fell in love with riding but also knew she wanted to improve her general health. “You’ll ride the bike more comfortably if you eat healthily and fit in some exercise each week.” Throughout the summer, she rides twice a week, traveling up into the highlands with companions. “This aids in my talent improvement and endurance development. It’s an excellent method for me to exert myself without becoming sidetracked. She has a variety of weekends. She may be organizing women rides or going on adventures. She sometimes assists novice riders and occasionally dedicates the whole day to enduro cross training. She will be hitting the single track in the spring since she is racing in the woods this year.

With her degree of commitment, one would assume that Crystal would work here full-time, but she also puts in ten-hour days five days a week as a long-haul transportation dispatcher. “People often ask me how I fit in so much riding on top of my daily obligations, but in all honesty, I think spending two hours in the mountains after work is better than idling about. You will succeed if you set your mind to it. It is feasible to pursue both a professional and social life while training hard. Even though you may feel exhausted on some days, I’ve discovered a chaotic equilibrium that works for me and is beginning to influence other people.

We heard Crystal’s counsel to other bikers. “Always enjoy yourself while riding. The procedure has its learning curves, so have patience. She’s learnt to concentrate on one goal at a time while riding and to keep at it until she’s mastered. She has discovered that having a small group of riders who share her interests is beneficial. “More often say yes. I understand that when you are new to a sport, you always have the thought, “I won’t be skilled enough, I won’t make that hill climb, and I don’t want to be slowing everyone else down.” Seize the opportunity to ride with ladies or men who are eager to teach you. You experience life and develop in this way when you go outside of your comfort zone. She reminds us that dedication is essential. Other than seat time and dedication, there are no shortcuts. I became more accepting of all of my mistakes, laughed at myself when I fell down a high slope, and am very appreciative of the experience since it motivates me to keep trying new things.

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