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Why the Tuareg Rally is the world’s most thrilling adventure race

Morocco hosted the 18th Tuareg Rally, which took place from March 6–13, 2016. During the event, riders must navigate across more than 62 miles of expansive sand dunes and encounter some of Morocco’s most breathtaking terrain. The event offers two primary bike classes: “pro” and “amateur.” Professionals have the most obstacles, yet amateurs may do amazing things and cover nearly the same total stage kilometers in a given day.

This year, as a journalist on a mission, I went to the rally with the Lithuanian rally team Mediafon-Motoshop. I wanted to prove to my fellow Lithuanians that there are other rallies throughout the globe than the notorious Dakar.

I run into a problem on the first day. I decided to go for a little bike with my support crew so we could snap some photos. But now that I can’t see them, my phone isn’t getting a signal, and the power sand I chose to ride is becoming buried in the sand. It is becoming twilight. The last few motorcycles in the rally today may be seen in the distance as tiny, flashing white dots.

I attempt to accelerate once again, but it fails.

Increased Velocity

My chain has already been engulfed by the sand, but I continue to dig at it with my hands even though I know full well that it will not help. What other options do I have? I straighten my back, let out a long breath, and attempt to accelerate once again.

“Reflect,” I tell myself. “Keep in mind. These are circumstances that you are aware of—you have even written about them.

I set the bike down. It is not as hefty as I had anticipated, surprisingly. I quicken, but nothing transpires. Let’s attempt to tilt it to the other side. Eventually, after a few tries, I succeed. I’m not alone at all, but at last I’m not stuck in the sand. I rapidly lose the terror I was feeling after getting back on the pedals and starting to accelerate. There’s nothing like hurtling across Morocco’s dunes on your bike!

I spent the following three days filming the racers with my camera since there was so much exciting activity going on all around us. I have never encountered such intense heat (as well as chilly breeze) before. Every day the sun shone down on us, but I didn’t mind since I was listening to the most amazing sound on earth: the roar of motorbike motors.

By myself in the desert

The contestants were starting to feel physically defeated on the final day since their muscles were not healing over night. Irmantas, a member of the Lithuanian squad, was unpleasantly surprised when his clutch failed and he was unable to contact the assistance crew. Fortunately for him, a bunch of locals showed from out of nowhere. “They gave me some oranges and used their jeep to tow me to the closest rally waypoint.”

Durable Impression

The last leg was the following day. The motorcycle riders had to arrive at the finish line atop a tall mountain dune after completing every circuit and checking in at around 20 checkpoints. Numerous competitors, worn out from their long day, were unable to climb the mountain and had to walk to the finish line.

Without his clutch malfunction, Irmantas would have just missed second place in the amateur class, while Tomas, a racer from Lithuania, took third. “It was the failure with my clutch that made me experience the real rally, and I will be bringing home some long-lasting memories,” stated my buddy Irmantas, summarizing the event wonderfully.

Sand, quick rides, and breathtaking scenery abound at the Tuareg Rally, which is everything I could have imagined. I will most certainly be back to a rally like this with the crew.

Because you can never be certain of the outcome at the end of the day, rallies are exciting. Here, there are a lot of other things than speed that might lead to win, such bike malfunctions, getting lost, and even success plays a significant role.

The Lithuanian team I joined was happy to demonstrate our skill as cyclists to more seasoned riders, like the Germans, Italians, and Dutch. The competitors concluded, “We heartily urge all enduro riders to take part here, at the Tuareg Rallye.”

The circuit for the 2017 Tuareg Rally has been entirely renovated. From now on, the course will begin and end in Nador. The “pro” class will go across 310 miles of sand dunes, including the Erg Chebbi, and pass three striking valleys as well as the Atlas Mountains.

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