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The 4 best places to trail riding in Morocco

Morocco has long been a mecca for adventure cyclists with its incredible off-road opportunities, stunning mountain landscapes and vast Sahara plains. Unparalleled desert, the siren song of the Moroccan trail is unmistakable and draws adventure bikers like butterflies to a flame.

We caught up with the guys at motorcycle transport company Fly and Ride to find the crème de la crème of track riding in Morocco. The Fly and Ride service allows you to fly directly to Málaga in southern Spain, where a motorbike will be waiting for you for the short ferry crossing to Morocco and beyond.

There are several main tourist areas in Morocco, which we have detailed below to give you an idea of ​​what to expect. Each region has great terrain and landscapes to explore while enjoying many off-road opportunities.

Reef Mountains

If you travel south to Morocco after crossing the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain, the first thing you will usually encounter is the Rif Mountain Range. The mountains are wild, unpredictable, and the roads through them are often unpaved, with adventure waiting around every sharp bend.

Since the area is less visited than the famous Atlas mountain range, you will find that the paved roads are not clear and you can find yourself off-road at any time. Enjoy lush green scenery and stunning cobblestone trails before continuing south.

High Atlas Mountains

Rising 4,000m above sea level, this mountain is one of the highest in North Africa, where the majestic landscape and rugged terrain will truly amaze you. Heavy snow in winter can cause road closures and many roads to be impassable, so try to visit in the warmer months if possible.

The famous Tizi-n-Tichka and Tiz-n-Test passes are perfectly paved, but stone and unpaved roads can be found throughout the region, such as the classic Gorge to Gorge from Dades to Todra.

Anti-Atlas Mountains

The city of Ouarzazate, known as the Hollywood of Morocco because of the film studios located there, opens onto the Southern Anti-Atlas mountain range and is an excellent base for tours of the region.

Spectacular mountain views from winding mountain passes take you to the lesser-visited Anti-Atlas mountain range, where you can easily follow trails through palm-lined canyons and ancient rocky riverbeds to reach remote plateaus and rugged you can find It is not good to hike in Morocco.


The Sahara Desert is a place of adventure like no other. Here you will find the spectacular sand dunes of Erh Chebbi and Merzouga, the vast salt flats of Lake Iriki and the arid rocky plains on the edge of the desert, all interspersed with ancient civilizations and charming Berber settlements.

Any soft sand should be approached with confidence, and be smart here, as the lack of landmarks in the desert can quickly lead to navigational mishaps. The variety on offer here is that hiking in Morocco has as sensational a reputation as adventure cycling.

How to experience hiking in Morocco

Taking your bike to Morocco to enjoy the amazing trails on offer can seem like a long and difficult journey through France and Spain, requiring precious riding time on the slopes of Morocco.

Fortunately, Fly and Ride can do the hard work for you by transporting your bike to the south of Spain, where regular and reliable flights from the UK will reunite you with your favorite car in Malaga. From here it’s a short walk along the coast to the ferry terminal in Algeciras, known as the gateway to Morocco.

That way, you can give yourself a few days to explore the endless dirt roads that criss-cross southern Spain and serve as the perfect start to the highlight of your Moroccan adventure.

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