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Must-Visit Destinations for Epic Motorcycle Adventures

The image of the empty highway countryside, etched in the minds of many travelers, is a motorcycle trip of a lifetime.

“Luc, it’s not a motorcycle, it’s a scooter, nerd!” was the reaction I got from folks when I purchased my first motorcycle in Guatemala. 

I replied, “Shut up, it’s a 100cc monster and I’ll be cruising around the countryside in a semi-automatic Honda with no windshield blocking everyone!”

Although bandits later stole my Honda New Wave and left me alone with a replica 1950’s German helmet, the motorcycle dream was still embedded in my wanderlust.

Travel is travel: it takes us to new horizons and makes us aware of the world. But a motorcycle trip, cycling around the world, happened when he met Mr. Epic and have Mrs. Amazing dance on The Dance Floor of Glory!

If you have the chance, if your brave soul has the image of a road waiting for you to cross it on a bike, if you want, here are five of the most epic motorcycle trips you can take. If you don’t have a bike, don’t worry, we’ll pick it up when you arrive.

Before you even think about going, make sure your travel insurance plan covers risky activities. I think it’s crazy to travel without that kind of protection. It would be crazy to ride a motorcycle without it: the cost is minimal, but the protection it provides is as protective as a mother goose. Check the Seven Corners travel medical plan for hazardous activity coverage. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, spend some time on YouTube looking for people who have been attacked by mother geese (but read this article first, you’ll be on YouTube for hours).

Let’s quickly define our terms. Although a quick Google search will claim that the terms moto and motorcycle are interchangeable, in this article I will use moto to describe anything related to knowing how to use clutches for smaller automatic bikes and motorcycles.

Epic and Budget-Friendly: Motorcycle Tours of Vietnam

Today, Vietnam is at the top of many Southeast Asian travelers’ favorite lists. When it comes to budget travel, there are great food places for $1 and private rooms starting at $7.50. When it comes to motorcycle touring, Vietnam is an easy country to land and turn around.

Starting at $250, you can buy a motorcycle that can be ridden almost anywhere. Bicycles in Vietnam are like beards in Brooklyn: everywhere. New entrants buy used bikes from those who will soon leave, and the cycle continues forever. You may ride from Hanoi in the north to Ho Chi Minh City in the south, or the other way around, if you have twelve days to spare.

Epic views await you on the road as you drive along quiet country roads lined with green rice fields and Vietnamese farmers wearing cone-shaped hats.

Please note that neither your country of origin nor your international driver’s license is valid in Vietnam. However, you may apply for a driving license in Vietnam within seven days as long as you have a current license at home. (But don’t base your trip on this schedule.) Although the police usually allow foreigners crossing the country on motorcycles, insurance won’t cover you if you get into an accident if you’re doing something illegal at the time.

When you first arrive in Ho Chi Minh City, the backpacker district is a good location to locate organizations that may expedite the acquisition of a bicycle and a Vietnamese driver’s license. Backpackers District is located in a quiet lane on Pham Ngu Lao Street in District 1 and any taxi driver can take you there.Similar sales may be seen in Hanoi on Hang Bac, Cau Go, and Hang Be streets. 

Guided motorcycle tours and motorcycle lessons in Guatemala

For those of you who aren’t too keen on the idea of just relaxing, buying a used bike and waiting for approval from the socialist bureaucracy, consider taking a motorcycle tour in a country like Guatemala.

If learning to ride a motorcycle has always been on your to-do list, but Netflix keeps getting in the way, then visit CA Tours in Guatemala and learn how to capture the Center’s most stunning landscapes. . America.

After completing the training, you can choose one, two, three, seven, eight, 10 or 14 days of adventure. Before bandits stole my motorcycle (it wasn’t Andrea’s scooter!), I spent most of Sunday riding around Guatemala. Once I convinced a woman to ride on the back (I promised her to stop and eat ice cream).

Ride a motorcycle through the wild west of Asia

While most of Southeast Asia can be called the Wild West by our standards, Cambodia somehow wins and earns the title of Wild West of Asia.

Encompassing a vast area dotted with ancient temples and the temple complex to end all temple complexes, Angkor Wat, the Kingdom of Cambodia invites you to explore. A genuine tale, The Jungle Book is available in Cambodia. 

Although it is still necessary to apply for a local driver’s license in Cambodia, the wait is shorter than in Vietnam and processing time can be up to 24 hours. When the police pull you over for a bribe, you can show them your legal right to drive and they’ll be surprised and a little depressed by what the gringo sees.

You can buy a bike, but why? Bike rentals cost an average of $5 per day and tours can be arranged at most tourist attractions or online in advance.

I recommend you start your adventure in Kampot or Siam Reap, where you can get advice from foreigners and other travelers on which direction to go.

Speak your own language and hit the road on a New Zealand motorcycle tour

What can be daunting for some motorcycle travelers is the language barrier at all the destinations listed so far. While this adds to the adventure for some, it can be a deal breaker for others. I mean, have you ever thought about going on a motorbike adventure around New Zealand?

New Zealand English, or Kiwinglish, is like a loose Australian English, if possible. Watch Monty Python before you go because the language is relentlessly sarcastic. And be careful when asking for directions on your motorbike: it cuts a lot of places.

Best of all, set your camera to a stunning landscape mode: where glaciers slide from mountains to ash-swept volcanoes over a calm lake with snow, and it’s like, “Isn’t that where Frodo ran?” get the ring?” Peter Jackson chose wisely when he chose New Zealand as his hobby home, and New Zealand is at the top of many lists for motorcycling. For more inspiration or prices and a ride and see the South Pacific Motorcycle Tour for yourself -tour guided

Alaska to Tierra del Fuego: An Epic Transamerica Motorcycle Tour

This is the stuff of legend. It is the motorcycle equivalent of Everest.

My friends who have done this remember their experiences quietly and quietly. There is a twinkle in their eyes that shows their experience has made them realize that they cannot relate to someone who is not involved. They turn the remaining green branches into small jellyfish.

You and your bike may travel ten thousand miles and take at least four months off work to reach from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska’s Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego in Argentina’s South Atlantic.

Seeing North and South America this way is like looking at the jigsaw pieces fitting together: the way the landscapes blend together, the way one culture and nation gives way to another. Legends (people) always do it alone, but you may also go on this amazing journey with a tour business like Moto Adventure Pros and make friends and obtain advice along the path to success by joining a group. about travel.

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