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Amazing places to go adventure riding that should be on your bucket list

If you’re anything like us, you undoubtedly have a bucket list that is expanding daily and at a pace that is concerningly quicker than your available funds. It’s going to grow a whole lot longer, I’m sorry to break it to you (well, not that sad).

While we’ve been under lockdown at ABR, we’ve been considering our dream trip destinations when the travel and riding bans are removed. We came up with five amazing adventure riding places that are so amazing that you’ll want to put them right into your biker bucket list, in between making banana bread and taking Zoom pub quizzes.

If you’re interested in seeing breathtaking mountain scenery, breathtaking vistas, learning about fascinating old civilizations, sampling local cuisine, and witnessing wonderful animals, these five incredible locations are sure to pique your interest.


Patagonia is well known for its spectacular landscapes, which beg to be explored on two wheels. These landscapes are full of magnificent snow-capped mountains, towering glaciers, turquoise lakes, and ancient national parks.

You may see eagles, pampas deer, and other animals as you drive over broad, open roads that bend and extend for kilometers. You’ll also be treated to breathtaking views. You should also go for the trails if you’re looking for thrilling experiences, since they allow you to discover untamed and rough areas of the forest.

Western South Africa

The adventures in South West Africa are endless. There are many wide plains, ancient civilizations, famous sites like Table Mountain, the Okavango Delta, and Victoria Falls that wait to be discovered. Miles and miles of breathtaking asphalt roads and isolated dirt tracks may be found all over the place, waiting to be explored.

Every turn will lead to a fresh and breathtaking site to see, from the dunes of the Namib Desert to the herds of elephants in Chobe National Park. You will discover that South West Africa is not only visually stunning, but also has really delicious indigenous food!


Israel is an amazing destination for bicyclists, with vast highways winding through breathtaking scenery and intriguing places to discover. Set off on the exhilarating meandering paths of the desert and travel through large wooded mountains, past golden beaches, and the stunning dead sea, the lowest place on Earth.

If you go to the holy towns of Jerusalem or Tiberias, you will be rewarded with breathtaking vistas that encircle a wealth of historically significant sites. Israel offers travelers the chance to encounter friendly locals, take in soul-stirring landscapes, and immerse themselves in dynamic cultures—all of which combine to create an amazing journey.

The Mountains of Himalaya

Known as the “roof of the world,” the Himalayan Mountains gracefully span Pakistan, India, China, and Nepal. In addition to having some of the most breathtaking landscapes on earth, these majestic mountains are home to some of the oldest and best-preserved civilizations.

A motorbike trip you won’t soon forget is riding these formidable mountain passes, which include the highest motorable roads in the world, and navigating the challenging terrain.


Morocco is a gorgeous country in North Africa with amazing off-road routes and enormous sand dunes of the Sahara Desert to explore. It’s also a terrific cultural and scenic destination. Experience the thrilling twists and turns of the Dades Canyon and the renowned Tizi n’ Tichka pass as you go through the magnificent Atlas Mountains.

Experience rare tribal interactions and wildlife sightings as you explore the beautiful and serene hidden refuge that is Fint. It will really be difficult to fit all the beauty to be seen into a single trip since there is so much to discover.

Many tour companies provide quick motorbike trips in Morocco if you’re pressed for time. Bryn, the editor of ABR, spent a long weekend in Morocco and found a three-day itinerary that would leave you feeling revitalized and renewed after seeing some of the most famous routes and sites in the nation.

Why are off-road motorcycles so well-liked?

Adventure bikes, often known as dual-sport bikes, are designed to provide riders with the adaptability to take on a wide variety of journeys. They are often the street-legal equivalents of enduro off-road vehicles. This indicates that they have more suspension and are designed to travel smoothly on normal roads as well as off-road.

Why is it so much fun to ride a motorcycle?

The Excitation Aspect

The sense of excitement that one gets from riding a motorbike is undeniable. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter linked to emotions of pleasure and contentment, is released in response to this excitement and thrill. The extreme exhilaration that many riders feel is largely explained by this biological response.

What is a motorbike adventure?

Adventure motorcycles, sometimes referred to as ADV bikes, are multi-cylinder motorcycles with a greater displacement that are designed for both on- and off-road riding. They can travel long distances while offering a relatively comfortable ride for the user.

Do adventure bikes have comfy seats?

Are adventure bikes useful in cities?
Can someone commute to the city with an adventure bike? For city transportation, any motorbike might be a fantastic choice. ADV motorcycles, on the other hand, come with the further advantages of comfort, toughness, and a broad range of terrain versatility.

Do motorbikes provide you joy?

Dopamine Is Released

Dopamine is released when you ride a motorbike, which may increase your happiness and give you an adrenaline rush. This hormone regulates muscular, emotional, and mental reactions. Riding a bike causes your body to produce endorphins, which lead you to link riding with freedom and enjoyment.

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