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Our Opinion on Women’s Motorcycle Leggings

I will admit right now that I have never rode a motorbike in women’s leggings. I’m generally riding a dual-sport bike and searching for off-road tracks, so when I go somewhere far, I normally bring an adventure suit or just pure off-road armor. Though I’ve never worn moto leggings, I do possess a pair of moto pants, which are useful for touring new towns or just riding my bike to the grocery store. That is, until I ended myself in the Caribbean.

Women’s Motorcycle Leggins from Pando Moto

My initial pick was always Leatt protectives since I was anticipating a lot of technical terrain when scouting routes for a dual-sport motorbike trip in Belize. But I packed a pair of women’s motorcycle leggings from Pando Moto, the SKIN-UH 03, in my backpack for the trip to the Caribbean.

I’m so pleased I did, too.

Belize is an excellent nation for motorcycle travel, both on and off the road, but the heat and humidity are unbearable. You may easily go through three liters of water in six hours because of this. As soon as you get off your bike, it’s better to go for the closest swimming hole or at the very least, some shade.

biker leggings for women

I opted to test out the leggings instead of the bulky enduro trousers and heavy armor for the first few days of riding, since the majority of the terrain was paved backcountry roads with a few hard-packed dirt trails. The leggings are made of strong, power-stretch Balistex fabric and have integrated knee and hip protectors, making them comfortable, light, and protective. The material and the protective cushions provide considerable protection even though they seem very light and breathable. It was amazing to ride in the Caribbean; it’s like riding in yoga pants with protection and unrestricted movement while getting on and off the bike. I got to ride in the Pando creation, ADV boots, and body armor for two amazing days, and that was a great mix for Belize’s extreme heat and humidity.

Although Pando’s women’s motorcycle leggings are designed to be worn beneath other clothing, like as moto jeans, I chose to ride in them just as they were. I would use the leggings with the Leatt knee braces for the trickier parts. The leggings seemed like more than enough for comfortable touring on paved wilderness routes and forest service roads.

I’m keeping the leggings in my panniers even though it’s better to travel off-road with completely off-road-oriented gear since they’re ideal for mixing and matching, commuting, and daily riding with other gear over them. They may be worn with almost any other piece of equipment, allowing you the option to experiment and create your own look. They’d definitely look fantastic with an ADV suit for further warmth and protection in chilly riding situations.

Features of Pando Moto SKUN UH 03:

  • Height-waisted, unisex, armored base layer pants
  • Power-stretch Balistex (65% UHMWPE, 15 times stronger than steel) is very resilient. textile
  • 35 meters at a sliding distance of 4.1 seconds
  • Extremely heat-conductive material that cools
  • The bi-stretch material maximizes comfort and secures the armor.
  • Completely CE-approved clothing with performance level AA in line with EN 17092
  • Low-profile defense for unhindered mobility
  • For better breathability and ventilation, the fly has two mesh panels.
  • The armor is comfortably tight cut, which keeps it in place and prevents it from moving.
  • Knee and hip armor SAS-TEC TripleFlex CE (EN1621-1:2012) certified INCLUDED
  • Armor that is easily detachable
  • has a two-year warranty

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