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Adventure Motorcycle Tours for Novice Riders: A Hands-on Guide

What’s the best course of action if you’re just getting started as an adventure rider and lengthy distances or distant locations seem a bit too intimidating to explore alone for the time being? Increasing your training, riding with friends, and participating in group rides may all help you feel more confident. However, novice adventure motorbike trips may also be considered: after all, embarking on an adventure is the greatest way to get started, right?

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It might be difficult to locate novice adventure motorbike trips that are both beginner-friendly and all-female, but it is possible. Picture yourself learning new skills, seeing a nation you’ve always wanted to visit, and riding a motorbike through an amazing location with other female riders.everything within the security of a pre-arranged trip, where accommodations are reserved, itineraries are planned in advance, and off-bike activities are scheduled for you.

Adventure motorcycle tours for women are an amazing opportunity to experience ADV, acquire new abilities, connect with like-minded individuals, and take in some of the most breathtaking locations on earth without having to worry about planning the whole trip yourself.

Before embarking on longer excursions or searching for experiences on their own in regions like South America or Asia, the majority of ADV novices are often encouraged to improve their riding skills and acquire experience. That’s good counsel, so why not acquire that knowledge while embarking on an amazing journey somewhere? Since we at Women ADV Riders think that adventure is all in the mindset, let’s see what possibilities there are for beginning adventure motorcycle travel.

Choosing the Correct Tour

Consider your objectives before you begin searching for beginning tours targeted at women on Google. Does it focus mostly on off-road training? Is it adventure riding in a far-off place? Is it riding a bike to your ideal location? Naturally, a mix of the three is always possible, but it’s crucial to have realistic expectations.

It’s better to search for trips that include expert coaching if you’re only looking for training. Experienced riders may enjoy both off-road and on-road riding together with breathtaking scenery on beginner-friendly adventure motorbike excursions, which prioritize the riding experience over the sightseeing component. If the primary focus is the location, search for tours offered in that particular nation; however, bear in mind that not all tour companies provide instruction (and not all accept total novices).

To be honest, searching for “beginner motorcycle tours” on Google yields very few results. To participate in their adventures, several tour operators need you to have a minimum of six months, a year, or two years of on-road and off-road riding experience. Although many tour operators do not state the level of expertise required, it is often expected that you have at least two years of riding experience.

Can you still have an adventure motorbike journey if you haven’t already? Sure, without a doubt, but bear in mind a few points while choosing a trip.

What to Search for:

duration of the tour. A tour lasting more than five or six days is definitely going to be too much for you if you’re just starting out. You’ll be riding in unknown region or terrain, dealing with unexpected traffic circumstances, and more daily kilometers as a novice rider, so weariness will set in quickly. Don’t overdo it the first time – select a trip that’s short so you can genuinely appreciate the experience rather than barely survive it.

miles per day. Consider the daily mileage of the trip; if it involves off-road riding and exceeds 160 kilometers, go for a less strenuous option. Long distance riding, particularly off-road, may be challenging for inexperienced riders as it calls both sustained concentration and considerable stamina. Alternatively, search for tours with many of pauses in between and less daily mileage.

choices for motorcycles. It’s recommended to choose a novice adventure motorbike trip that provides lighter, smaller bikes, depending on what you ride at home. If you ride a Suzuki DR650 or a Yamaha Tenere 700 at home, for instance, going on a trip with BMW GS 1200 bikes could be too much for you. Seek for tour companies that provide more accessible, lightweight, and compact bikes for novices.

When it comes to travel places, Europe is the most ideal for first-time travelers. Europe offers an abundance of starting adventure motorcycle trips, is stunning yet safe both off and on the road, and has a driving culture like to that of North America or Australia. Another fantastic place to visit is South America, but if you’re going to Colombia or Ecuador, make sure the trip isn’t too lengthy. As said before, it may become stressful to log a lot of kilometers in a strange and sometimes difficult environment.

USA Adventure Motorcycle Tours for Novice Riders

Go no farther than ADV Woman for women’s novice adventure motorbike trips in the US. The goal of ADV Woman tours, which are led by the amazing Pat Jacques, is to help women riders advance their skills and gain confidence while sharing the experience of being an off-road instructor and author. This is a wonderful place to start if you’re new to adventure riding and searching for local training excursions.

Another favorite is West 38 Moto; their trainers are a terrific group of folks who understand what it’s like to start adventure riding as an adult, even though they don’t cater specifically to women. They provide training and multi-day training excursions around the United States to satisfy your need for adventure and raise your skill level simultaneously.

Women’s ADV Facebook groups are another excellent resource for learning about novice adventure motorbike excursions in your region. While Women ADV and Dirt Bike Riders: Big Little Rides is a worldwide female riders’ club exploring locations like South America, Europe, Asia, and more, Women Adventure Riders is a terrific place to ask for advice and other women’s experiences in North America. If you’re searching for anything particular, whether it be local, national, or international, interacting with other female riders on social media might be beneficial.

Women’s Adventure Motorcycle Tours for Beginners

It’s a fact that the majority of motorcycle tour guides are men, as are the majority of tour participants. That’s not to say you shouldn’t give them some thought; there are many excellent male tour guides and coaches available, and most riders are kind, considerate people regardless of gender. But there’s something special about honing your craft and touring with other female riders—the support and companionship they provide may provide a significant confidence boost. Riding with other women can be an incredible experience, whether it’s for training or an adventure tour. An extra benefit is that you can discover your own group of daring women to plan excursions with in the future.

Although the number of female-owned and female-focused travel providers is still small, it is rising. Women-owned Big Little Rides is a tour business established in Europe that provides adventure trips and training to female riders solely in locations including Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Belize, Colombia, and Morocco. The greatest aspect is that they accept novice riders, so even if their trips fill up fast, it’s still worthwhile to get in touch with them to discuss your own adventure ideas.

Personalized Motorbike Tours

What happens if the dates don’t fit for you, the places don’t appeal to you, or you simply can’t seem to discover the ideal beginning adventure motorbike tour? Try to get a tour operator to put together a personalized itinerary for you. This may be a costly excursion if you’re traveling alone, but most motorbike tour operators would be willing to customize something for a party of five or six companions. You never know what can happen, so it’s good getting in touch with them to find out your alternatives.

Lastly, you could always attempt to construct your own adventure ride. It doesn’t have to be something spectacular; a four-day trip or a weekend ride on wilderness roads might be a terrific place to start. As you start going further and riding more, go back and check out the available tours.

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