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Riding in Moto Jeans Off-Road Pando Moto Evaluation

The thing with motorcycle jeans is that they’re ideal for weekend trips, city riding, and commuting. These are comfortable, lightweight, and protective, so they might be useful while traveling, particularly if you don’t want to lug about your whole ADV suite in search of a hotel or restaurant. Can they function, however, if you go off-road?

Off-Road Moto Jeans

Everything is dependent upon the kind of off-road riding you want to engage in. I usually wear Leatt armor and lightweight MX gear over it, but in really hot weather, it becomes unusable. Given the extreme heat during my ride across Andalucia and exploration of the Tabernas Desert, one of Europe’s most stunning badlands, I thought I would give the Pando Moto Kissaki Dyn, a pair of motorcycle jeans I’ve been wearing for more than a year, a go.

Women ADV Riders: Off-Roading in Moto Jeans: Pando Moto Review

With no bulky, hefty Kevlar inlets, these pants have a classic denim appearance and feel, yet they are very protective because of Pando Moto’s exclusive Dyneema formula. I wear them most of the time whether going shorter distances, touring cities, or cycling on public roads. But I intended to test them out on off-road trails in Andalucia; we were going to ride some sandy riverbeds and desert trails, not rocky, rough terrain, or insane single tracks, so I thought I should be OK. We headed out to see what Tabernas was all about after I put on the Leatt knee braces over the biker pants.

Combine and Contrast

The knee braces over jeans worked surprisingly well; even though they are supposed to be worn below your gear, wearing them externally felt just as secure and comfortable as wearing them with the MX gear. The heat and dryness of the desert continued unabated, but the Kissaki jeans provided enough ventilation and eliminated the sticky, humid sensation that comes with wearing ADV trousers in extreme heat. In addition, you have strong abrasion resistance, unlike with lightweight MX gear, so you may ride the trails to your heart’s content and then safely return to paved surfaces.

If you’re riding on rough terrain, you may want to add some more hip protection, but for dry riverbeds and soft sand, I thought the moto pants’ protection was enough. An additional benefit? The Pando Moto pants took a beating (we returned covered in mud), but it washed off quickly and the jeans weren’t any worse for wear than before. We unexpectedly stumbled upon a few rivers and streams at the foot of a canyon.

Pando Moto Collection’s Newest

Following the Andalucian trip, I rode on hot summer days on the road and did some mild off-roading in France and Croatia while wearing the moto pants. The moto jeans gladly reside in my panniers when I swap them out for full-on racing or ADV gear. They also often double as leisure wear, particularly while camping. And that’s the great thing about them: after years of off-road usage, they are so durable that you can use them in a variety of situations.

Pando Moto is rebranding this year and releasing a new range, design, and logo. Not only do they cater to guys, but ladies can also find a wide selection of motorcycle clothing, including jackets, leggings, and jeans.

Pando Moto may be your finest option if you’re looking for a multipurpose pair of motorcycle pants.

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