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Fantastic Last-Minute Christmas Presents for Motorcyclists

The holidays—Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, and all—are almost approaching! Jingle bells, the fragrance of Batman, a robin’s egg… (Is that OK for a non-religious Christmas carol?) In any case, it’s that time of year again, and if you’re anything like us, your Christmas shopping is already behind schedule! But to celebrate this holiday season, we’ve compiled a list of 8 fantastic Christmas presents she’ll enjoy that includes all of our favorites. The greatest part is that most of them may be at your home in as little as two days! If you are the rider in question, give your family a copy of this helpful list to ensure you receive what you need, desire, and deserve. Because, let’s face it, we all fall a bit behind schedule when it comes to Christmas shopping.

1) For both short and long travels, we like the new Sena Bluetooth headset and intercom communication package. With this dual package, you can let your favorite rider to converse with you or listen to their favorite music while traveling! It was not until we put one of these pups on our helmets that we realized what we had been missing. Purchase the single for $209 or the double for $410 right here. An investment that your rider will cherish for many years.

2) We just found Hippo Hands, which are motorbike hand mittens and coverings, and we are instantly smitten! All but the fairest-weather rider needs to get their hands on a pair of these puppies because of their stylish appearance and simple installation. Here’s where you can help your riding companion say goodbye to chilly, damp hands by selecting the design that suits them best!

3) We’ll never know why we rode without heated grips for all those years. Look out if the grips on your special rider aren’t already heated! The Premium Adventure Heated Handlebar Grips from Oxford Heaterz! These got us through many a chilly journey. Purchase for $89.95 here. These are perfect for warm riding in conjunction with the Hippo Hands!

4) Do you like camping? Go into the backcountry with Purequosa and forget about offensive tent smells—this magical little “shower in a bottle” takes care of personal hygiene in the absence of shower facilities. Colloidal silver, the Purequosa mist’s secret ingredient, eliminates germs by depriving it of oxygen, leaving riders feeling clean and rejuvenated. We also like it for skincare on helmets! It is available for only $22 here.

5) Although Ram Mounts produces various excellent goods, this smartphone handlebar attachment is our particular favorite. You can give your two-wheeled woman years of simple communication and navigation for only $34 here.

6) Although camping stoves are an essential piece of equipment for every expedition, there are some really costly models available that might rack up a hefty expense. However, we’ve had excellent experience with stoves that cost less than $10 for motorbike riding, unless your rider is heading someplace extremely isolated (a multi-day single-track ride, for example). Yes, it’s just $8.99 for this little sucker! An ideal Christmas stocking stuffer!

7) In addition, without a good tent, your beloved rider won’t travel very far in the camping and adventurous community. We think a decent tent is absolutely worth spending a little bit more money than a stove. So give your cyclist the gift of comfort and protection from the weather and get our fav award winning two-person MSR Hubba Hubba tent for $299.95 (sure, they’ll want the additional room for all their stuff, or maybe you!). Here’s a tent that can withstand the weather—something we should know—but is also very lightweight, small, and ideal for lengthy hikes. Purchase now and be ready for a journey! Naturally, however, don’t overlook that $39.95 footprint.8) Merino wool—a rider’s closest companion in chilly weather! This season, treat your rider to a 100% Merino Wool base layer in all of her favorite colors to keep her toasty, comfortable, and odor-free! They’re that amazing, so get yourself one here while you’re at it.

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